Medieval Myths and British Identities: Past, Present, Future

An interdisciplinary postgraduate conference | Friday 18th September 2015, Cardiff University.

Keynote Speakers: Professor Philip Schwyzer (University of Exeter) and Dr Diarmuid Scully (University College, Cork)

This conference, generously funded by the University Graduate College and the Learned Society of Wales, intends to bring together postgraduate researchers working in various fields to discuss the relationship between myth and national identity in the British Isles. In particular, the conference will focus on the changing political and ideological potential of medieval myths, and will consider how these myths have been used to construct the national identities of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, from the medieval period to the present day, as well as the construction of a British (i.e. UK) identity in the latter period.

To contact the conference organisers please email britishmedievalmyths@cardiff.ac.uk.

The header image is from The Prose Brut Chronicle of England (common version to 1430) from Harley MS 2256, f. 1, and is available online from The British Library.


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